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Kaupapa or Purpose of this Wiki
This is as a collaborative space where e-Learners from Putauaki work alongside their peers and other invited local, national and global participants as Le
Locations of visitors to this page
arning Leaders. The wiki is designed to:
  • encourage the exploration and assessment of Web 2.0 and new technologies
  • support collaboration with other global learners
  • provide participants with a number of strategies that support effective thinking and learning.

Each week e-Learners learn to use and then apply web2 tools. Check out our teacher-directed integrated inquiry units, the Choose to Do's pages and **Whaea J's weebly**for more information.

How to Support
  • If you are interested in our work or would like to provide feedback and/or feed forward, please email or add your e-mail, website or URL link to our discussion page.
  • Your name will then be added to our list of participants, students and/or invited guests.