Hi I'm Rhys I am 11yrs old and I am a e-learner at Putauaki Primary School
I have a 19yr old sister Sally-Ann and 19yr old brother called Cody (Not Twins).
I am from England but I moved New Zealand for some reason I didn't know because I was
two months old when we
moved here.

My Favourite Things To Do Are.
#1 As you can see I love to DANCE
#2 Spend time with my friends and family
#3 Design cars.
#4 Have a good time. #5 Watching the Stock Cars race. #5 Watch 'Red Dwaf'

5 things you didn't need to know about me.

#1 I have a cat called Garfeild.
#2 My favourite food is cheese pizza.
#3 I was born it Wednesday June 15th 1998.
#4 I have orange hair.
#5 I have size UK 7 feet