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​What should I say about myself? Well I love Motor Cross and other extreme sports. It is so fun, just the thrill of it. Thats my favourite part!
I have 1 dog named Miss and she just had puppies! We had to sell them.

FIVE Things You Didn't Need to Know About Me:
1. I had a cat called mouse
2. I like kicking things

3. I have two brothers
4. My sister died
5. I think people falling over is so funny!

My wiki self-assessment rubric:

10 December 2009
Today we held a question and answer skype session using skype. There were great answers. Read them below!

1. If you had the choice what would you be instead of a human? Jerekia answered, " I want to be a sky man". ( a man who could jump off cliffs!)
2.What job would you like to have in the future? Kathleen answered, "I would like to be the Prime minister and help everyone".
3.If you were the Principal how would you make this school enviromentally friendly? Kathleen answered, "I would make everyone pick up rubbish before school".
4. What do you think we do as e-learners? Kathleen answered, "I think you learn about the enviroment and computers".
5.If you had a choice between using pen and paper or a computer/laptop what would you choose? Nearly everyone said, "Computers".

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