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The following teacher-directed integrated inquiry unit is the result of collaborative thinking and learning as a wonderous journey for Whaea Jeanette and the e-Learners Team at Putauaki Primary

Me and My Environment Key Concepts Brainstorm.pdf, Me and My Environment T1, 2010 page 1.pdf; Me and My Environment Plan Pages 2-4.pdf

Teacher....What do I want students to articulate and be able to transfer and apply to other situations?
Students... How might learning about myself and my environment assist how I think and learn?

Subsidiary Questions:
o What helps me to think and learn?
o What are the rules and my responsibilities as an e-learner?
o What role does the ICT suite as a classroom environment play in my thinking and learning?
o What roles do my body and my brain play in my thinking and learning?
o How do I think and learn in different ways?
o How might I ensure that my thinking and learning is assertive and on-going?
o How do I communicate well with others?
o How might I think and learn effectively in a team?

Key Competencies:
ü Managing Self
ü Relating to Others
ü Participating and Contributing
ü Thinking
ü Using Language, Symbols and Texts

“I Care” Concepts:
I care that..

­ ... my body and my brain are physically and emotionally healthy as this helps me to think and learn well.
­ ... knowing about and developing my SMARTS or strengths and how I learn best will help me set future goals.
­ ... the ICT suite as an effective classroom environment will fully enhance how I think and learn.
­ ... there are strategies or switch on's I can use to competently manage my personal thinking and learning.
­ ... accepting roles and responsibilities and working co-operatively will make me an effective team player.
­ ... building positive social relationships is important and that I demonstrate empathy for others points of views.

Thinking and Learning Pathway:

Putauaki Primary Inquiry Learning Tackle Box-
· Hook - Wonder About
· Bait - Locate Information
· Cast - Sort Information
· Reel - Judge Information
· Catch - Present Information
· Weigh - Share Information
· Feast - Reflect on Information

Thinking Tools and Strategies:

Questioning - Seven Servants, Question Matrix
Graphic Organisers - T-charts: , , Jigsaw,
Thinkers Keys - Picture, , , ,
De Bono’s Hats - ALL
Habits of Mind - ,
, , ,


  • Digital cameras, Easy Speak Recorders
  • IWB interactive activities
  • Weebly - Students websites
  • Varied use of Web2 Tools
  • Digital storytelling
  • Podcasting/ Voicethread
  • Skype
  • Collaborative Project (e-Pals)

Reflection, Review and Self Assessment:

  • Reflective journalling – blogs
  • Portfolio Self-Assessments using a range of thinking tools and strategies
  • Capturing evidential data to inform reflective practice – Podcasting and Voicethread