external image brain_scratching_head.gifMe and My Brain
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The following teacher-directed integrated inquiry unit is the result of collaborative thinking and learning as a wonderous journey for Whaea Jeanette and the e-Learners Team at Putauaki Primary

Teacher....What do I want students to articulate and be able to transfer and apply to other situations?

Students... How might learning about myself and my brain help me to think and learn?

Subsidiary Questions:
o What are the parts and functions of the human brain?
o What might the 5 memory systems have to do with my brain?
o What roles do my body and my brain play in my thinking and learning?
o What is stress and how does it impact on my thinking and learning?
o How do I think and learn in different ways?
o What strategies can I use that will help make a difference to my thinking and learning?
o How can I use my brain to communicate well with others?
o How might I think and learn effectively in a team?

Key Competencies:
ü Managing Self
ü Relating to Others
ü Participating and Contributing
ü Thinking
ü Using Language, Symbols and Texts

“I Care” Concepts:
I care that..

­ ... my brain is physically and emotionally healthy as this helps me to think and learn well.
­ ... knowing about and developing my SMARTS or strengths and how I learn best will help me set future goals.
­ ... there are ways thay I can identify and reduce stress.
­ ... there are strategies or switch on's I can use to competently manage my personal thinking and learning.
­ ... accepting responsibilities and working co-operatively will make me an effective team player
... building positive social relationships and listening to other's points of views will make a difference to the way I think and learn

Thinking and Learning Pathway:

Putauaki Primary Inquiry Learning Tackle Box-
· Hook - Wonder About
· Bait - Locate Information
· Cast - Sort Information
· Reel - Judge Information
· Catch - Present Information
· Weigh - Share Information
· Feast - Reflect on Information

Thinking Tools and Strategies:

  • Questioning - Question Matrix
  • Graphic Organisers - T-chart, KWHL, Jigsaw, SWSW, Fishbone, OPV, Part-Whole,
  • Thinkers Keys - Picture, Invention, What If
  • De Bono’s Hats - ALL
  • Habits of Mind - Thinking about Thinking, Create and Innovate, Thinking Flexibly, Remaining Open To Continuous Learning
  • Thinker’s Keys Cards Three Whys, BAR, Challenge, Reverse, Reflection

  • Digital cameras
  • IWB interactive activities
  • Weebly - Students websites
  • Varied use of Web2 Tools
  • Digital storytelling, video capture
  • Voicethread
  • Skype
  • Collaborative Project (e-buddies)

Reflection, Review and Self Assessment:
  • Reflective journalling – blogs
  • Portfolio Self-Assessments using a range of thinking tools and strategies
  • Capturing evidential data to inform reflective practice – Podcasting and Voicethread