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Kia ora my name is juan rongokea and welcome to my E learners page.KIA ORA! MY 3 GOALS. . .
1.I would like to get a good job
2.go to university to study about what i would like to be 3. dont do drugs or smoke!WHAT I WANT!6534357DAF1F47408DD949FC5E6FD341.jpgthats funny!
GOOD FUTURE and lots more!

pig hunting
fishing and
motor x
Boar2b.jpg ‚Äč5 things you didnt need to know about me...
1. i can eat alot,i may look like i dont eat heaps but i can.
2. my aunty is maisey rika
3. my cuzins name is richmond
4. i mow the lawn for $20
5. i can do a backflip on the tramp
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1.If you had a choice what would you be instead of a human?