Kia ora all. My name is Jamie and Im 12 years young. I am part of an amazing group call e-Learners. We do alot of amazing things on computer. My hobbies include walking my dogs, g-chatting, playing on the trampoline, hanging with mates after school, swimming at the lake and just kicking it at home. My favourite songs are "Watcha say, I can transform ya, Automatic and Every morning". I am the biggest fan of New Moon and Taylor Lautner and trust me the movie is something to see. I dont know what I wish to be when I grow up ;).

5 things you didn't need to know about:

1. When I was 3 I had a cat named cat.
2. I dont like being smart.
3. I wish that I was a wolf.
4. I am right into fantasy stuff.
5. I like drawing demons.

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