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AIMS Puzzle Corner

The AIMS Puzzle Corner provides over 100 interesting math puzzles that can help students learn to enjoy puzzles and the mathematics behind them. The puzzles are categorized by type, and within each category are listed in order of increasing difficulty.

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Captivating Daily Puzzles To Cross Train Your Brain

The Sliding Block Puzzle Page

provides puzzles to challenge your brain. Most of the games are based on traditional block games. These games can help students develop creative problem solving skills.

Three Challenging Puzzle Games To Rack Your Brain

A desktop recreation of the ever so popular Bloxorz flash game. The concept is simple: get your moving block to land vertically on the circular pad. Proceeding to do this is another matter - as special tiles, buttons and hatches will make your life miserable for the effort.


The creator of addictive arcade shooter mono surprises us again with DUOtris. Don’t get misguided by the title and looks of the game, because the concept couldn’t differ more from Tetris.
Your objective in the game is to piece together at least three blocks of the same color to eliminate them. Not only that, you’ve got mirrored zones with different colouring. That means, different coloured blocks moving dependently on both sides of the screens.

Floating Islands Game

FIG, or Floating Islands Game, can best be described as an innovative solo Lemmings adventure. The game features code and artwork by Arvu Teikari (Hempuli) and has been praised already by innumerably on the web.
In the game, you guide a brain-dead guy through a series of floating islands, while collecting all the stars. However, direct interaction with the character is impossible and the only way of manipulating him is through the environment. So pull the switch, burn the rope, do whatever you can to get your little guy from one side to another.

Mind 360

Brain training games
external image 541_82x55.jpg Bricks Breaking
external image 544_82x55.jpg Code Breaking
external image 547_82x55.jpg Happy New Year
external image 551_82x55.jpg Bush Shoe Game
external image 554_82x55.jpg Math Lines
external image 557_82x55.jpg Building Blocks
external image 560_82x55.jpg Letter Blocks
external image 563_82x55.jpg Make 24
external image 566_82x55.jpg Seesaw Logic
external image 569_82x55.jpg Shape Inlay
external image 572_82x55.jpg Math Man
external image 575_82x55.jpg Squares
Mind 360 is a website version of the Nintendo DS game Brain Age. The games on Mind 360 are aimed toward sharpening memory, increasing focus, build logical reasoning skills, increase alertness and awareness, boost productivity, and exercise the mind. Each player gets a virtual personal brain trainer that helps build up brain function. Students (or teachers) can play games and increase mental fitness by strengthening key cognitive functions including memory, attention, executive functions, thinking and reasoning, and visual perception. Mind 360 has teamed up cognitive psychologists with game designers to boost mental health while having fun. The brain training programs are tailored to the individual user. Students also have the option to play against other students while building their mental strength. The games are split up into the skill that it is building. There are memory, attention, logic and reasoning, virtual perception, and exectutive function games. In the training section, students can choose a student fitness program to help boost grades by “enhancing those cognitive skills required for overall better learning including attention, memory, thinking & reasoning, and more.” The virtual personal coach will guide students through the program with constant personal feedback. external image mind-360.png

Rebus Puzzles (Word Picture Puzzles)

external image puz150.gif

The Ultimate Puzzle Site

Lots of challenging puzzles and riddles & exciting interactive quizzes and tests!

Figural Analogies

100+ Web Games & Tools to Stretch Your Mind Without Moving a Muscle

The following list provides you with over 100 web games and tools that will help you keep your mind in top form. Select from brain games, crossword puzzles, classic games, tools to help you learn new things, improve your English language skills or to help you learn a new language, and a few other great mental stretches as well.

120 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Here are 120 things you can do starting today to help you think faster, improve memory, comprehend information better and unleash your brain’s full potential.

Fun 4 The Brain

Fun 4 The Brain is a great website offering math, science, and English games. The design of the games makes it easy to understand how to play without having to read a lot of instructions. This design makes it easy for a teacher to have a classroom of students playing different games without having to spend a lot of time giving different sets of directions to different groups of students.