2009 Weekly Finds

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Each week we'll document the Web2 tools as treasures we just happen to stumble upon. Tab down to find out more...

07 December 2009

Today three e-Learners held a question-answer skype session with peers from another class. Here's just a short video preview using Photobucket http://www.photobucket.com of the students response to the question.... Do you know what we do as e-Learners???

Mr More joined e-Learners this afternoon. Students asked him about his thoughts re: the e-Learners Team. They also spoke and gave views about their futures and the world of e-Learning. Photos have been showcased using Picture Trail http://www.picturetrail.com

01 December 2009

Dress up your wiki or blog with a Flash Text Generator from http://www.flashvortex.com/. No sign in or registration required. Just type your text, choose colours, fonts etc and embed. Lots more menus, buttons and banners to choose from:)


Looking for a great place to write a quick story??? Do you want to be able to capture your story as an image and embed the information into your blog or wiki???

Then try the Newspaper Clipping Generator at http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp

Simply type in your newspaper name, caption and story...generate..then save your image file. Check out our e-Learners sample.

You can also generate your own work using a clapper board, talking squirrels, cats, tomatoes, flowers and owls, ninja text and a cigarette packet.