‚Äč15 December 2009
If you do not have a dream in your pocket, run, don't walk, and find yourself a dream to become and be. -- Harry Lee Mc Ginnis

Our last day together e-Learners

End of Term challenge:
Today you will answer the following question using ICT:

What was the most surprising or funniest or exciting or inspiring or useful event/thing that you have learnt as an e-Learner and why?

1. Choose ONE event or thing to answer on.
2. Present your answer in any way or form ie: use of google, digital cameras, easy speak recorders, tuff cam etc.
3. Embed your presentation into your wiki
3. Points will be awarded for ...

  • orginality
  • humour
  • the x factor....
The world is your oyster...so get cracking:)

07 December 2009
An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves." -- Lydia M. Child

external image arg-pencil-writes-to-right-97x100-url.gifToday WALT...
1. Embed the weebly self assessment.doc rubric we each completed last week into our wikis.
2. Read the comments we have received and complete the tasks we set out to re-do.
3. Showcase or embed 2 more samples of paper portfolio work.
4. E-mail thanks to teachers who have placed comments on our wiki discussion pages.

One group will hold a question and answer skype session with M1. Here are the questions:

  • What might you be instead of a person and why?
  • What job would you like to have in the future and why?
  • If you were a Principal, how might you make this school environmentally friendly?
  • What do you think we do as e-Learners?
  • If you had a choice between using pen and paper or a laptop/computer, what would you choose and why?

01 December 2009
"If we can transform ourselves, we have the potential to change the world". -- Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

1. Add positive, constructive comments to e-Learners discussion pages
2. Showcase or embed 2 samples of paper portfolio work into our wikis using web2 tools to try

external image bubbles_smiley.gif31 November 2009

Only three weeks left and that means just three more 2 day sessions as e-Learners for 2009.
I have not received one or two e-Learners presentations so if you have not done this, please e-mail your ppt to me asap.
Liz will be joining our group, observing and checking out your work. Enjoy your time with her:)

Today we are learning to...
1. Discuss collaboratively how and why it important to assess our own work.
2. Critique or self assess our e-Learners wiki.
3. Convert our 3 slide ppt to a pdf file and embed this presentation into our wikis using slideshare.
4. Choose 4 samples of work (1 for each Term) from our portfolio books.
5. Plan what web2/IT tools we will use to showcase and embed each piece of work into our wikis.

23-24 November 2009
"The beautiful thing about learning is no-body can take it away from you" - B.B.King

external image Keep_smiling_free_animated_desktop_wallpaper.jpg
Morena e-Learners. A reminder of your tasks for today:
1. G-mail your buddy and let him/her know...
  • whether or not you "worked" during the weekend
  • what you've learnt so far
  • anything he/she may want to know or that you can help them with
2. Creating our collaborative wiki rubric. Thank you for contributing your ideas.
Now open the then highlight what you have achieved and save this work. Create a link to this document in your wiki.
3. Complete your 3 page ppt presentation (for front office display) based on the following collaborative criteria:
Here is the point scoring self and/or peer assessment that we will discuss next week.